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Data applications made simple with dbt

Jinjat is a low-code application framework that turns your dbt projects into web apps

⒈ Add dependency
⒉ Write parametrized SQL
⒊ Define OpenAPI
{%- set query_params = jinjat.request().query %}
select order_date,
count(*) as orders,
count(distinct customer_id) as users
from {{ ref('orders') }}
group by order_date
where status = '{{query_params.status}}'
Getting started ↗
⒋ Install Jinjat
⒌ Serve REST API
⒍ Generate UI
% jinjat serve
INFO Registering `order_stats` route
INFO: Uvicorn running on
% curl
{"order_date": "2018-01-07", "orders": 102, "users": 80}
Learn how API routing works ↗


Cloud-native API Backend

Create API backends from the data in your data warehouse only with SQL, no boilerplate needed